“Stay Righteous” limited edition 45 vinyl on Where You At Records.

Shai Soul-Wright is a singer-songwriter, musician and actress based in London whose music blends elements of soul, reggae, hip-hop, funk and jazz. With her Jamaican heritage this and many other influences can be heard in her various musical styles.

Shai began her musical collaboration with recording artist and producer Emeson (Profusion) when they both met on a film set. This resulted in her freestyle of the John Legend classic ‘Ordinary People’ and Ying Yang Twins ‘Whisper’ mashup. This freestyle garnered great interest and featured on a number of playlists including Twisted Soul’s ‘Track of the week’.

In response Shai and Emeson teamed up again on her debut EP release ‘Seven Seventy Seven’ in 2017. Blending jazz nuances, soulful vocals and eclectic hip hop beats Shai effortlessly expressed her reality and matters of the mind with what critics described as her “lush vocals”.

Straight out of ‘The Kitchen Studios’ once more on Where You At Records (WYA) the first single entitled ‘Stay Righteous – (Ital Version)’ from her second EP ‘Elevate’ is an old school reggae, dub banger.

With Dreeemweaver on production blending the old with the new, Shai’s soulful vocals once more in her now distinctive style glide stylishly over this captivating musical treat, with majestic horns taking the listener to new heights.

With her music once arguably classified as soul, Shai’s reggae debut will leave you eagerly anticipating what is to follow.


Take an all-star team of arrangers, composers and writers from Montreal, don’t give them any instructions and let them navigate through free jazz, hip hop soul and broken beats: this is what you will get.

Schemes received Bandcamp Album of the Day and was featured on Okayplayer as well as the official Spotify playlist “Fresh Finds: The Wave”.

The musicians from Schemes were once session musicians for successful pop artists. Their scheme was to make that pop money and put it into a project in which there was no compromise, straight music for the soul.

Much like the session they we’re locked in, this release is a one time deal. It was recorded in various high-end studio’s in between pop sessions, in the early hours of the morning when ghosts tend to roam. Everything you hear is live, no gimmicks. Schemes has been supported on underground radio’s across the world on France’s Rinse FM, New York’s Lot Radio and Brooklyn Radio, as well as London’s iconic Reprazent radio.

The first single ‘’Tomorrow’’ will see the day on April 5th – it will be released in conjunction with a mind-blowing video clip by the enigmatic Theo Brière. This visual offering is composed solely of gifs. These fragments of the internet serve as accompaniment for this rollercoaster of a tune.

This release will see a limited tape release due on April 26th. The B-side holds an exclusive mix by alldayjam containing soulful finds from all over the globe. One these tapes are they are gone, they are gone.

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